Our services

We offer a wide range of bespoke services including:

  • full client advisory mandates;
  • sourcing, execution, asset management and exit of commercial real estate opportunities;
  • structuring advice to governmental bodies on alternative sources of financing;
  • bespoke and discreet family office services to ultra high net worth clients.

Our services are always tailored to each investor’s requirements, including return expectations and risk profiles.





Our in house team of professionals identify and execute commercial real estate investment and development transactions across the UK, US and Continental Europe. From our extensive network, we select and deliver on and off-market opportunities across the real estate asset class. Through established banking relationships, conservative conventional or Islamic debt can also be arranged. In light of the rapidly changing tax and regulatory landscape, we work closely with trusted tax and legal counsel, as well as our SSB, to ensure that appropriate and up-to-date structures are used. At each stage we work in partnership with our investors to drive maximum value from each asset with due consideration for the appropriate balance of risk and reward.

We specialise in managing the full spectrum of each commercial real estate investment, including but not limited to:

  • initial deal sourcing and stringent internal underwriting;
  • obtaining preferential senior banking terms through close relationships with a number of market-leading financiers;
  • advising on the most appropriate tax efficient corporate structure;
  • engaging with legal, tax, offshore administration and other professional advisors;
  • coordinating detailed legal, financial and title due diligence through seamless transaction management;
  • liaising with the senior finance provider to negotiate the facility and security documentation and coordinate conditions precedent;
  • reporting to our investors on key issues arising from the due diligence process; and
  • attending to completion formalities and post-completion profit distributions.

Following completion, we seek to extract maximum value from each asset by:

  • implementing truly “active” asset management strategies;
  • regularly liaising with tenants; and
  • preparing quarterly reports to keep investors fully appraised as to the performance of the asset against the business plan, market conditions and any value added opportunities for consideration, including potential exit opportunities.

At the point of sale, we manage the entire process on behalf of investors, including preparation of a complete and thorough data room to ensure that the future purchaser can undertake their due diligence without delay.

All of the abovementioned services form an integral part of our own propriety deals and can also be offered on a standalone basis to investors wishing to benefit from any or all of the disciplines, as required.


Through our Alternative Funding Solutions Division (the “Division”), we specialise in providing advice and structuring solutions to local authorities and housing associations on the utilisation of Islamic Alternative Finance Investment Bonds (“AFIBs”) as an alternative source of funding.

AFIBs are a type of ethical financial instrument commonly known as sukuk (Islamic bonds), which share synergies with local authorities and their important role in investing in the real economy.

We have a particular focus on enabling UK public bodies access to the Islamic Capital Markets with a global reach.

The global sukuk market is currently valued at £78 billion ($100 billion), and with the pending renewal of the highly successful 2014 UK government’s Islamic bond due next year, we believe there is a proven demand for UK government and quasi government sukuk issuances.

With local authorities under pressure to meet their funding needs, our aim is to enable them to access an alternative pool of capital thereby diversifying funding options and possibly proving more cost effective than current conventional means of financing.


Rosette provides family office services to select clients seeking bespoke services to suit their individual requirements.