ShariaH Supervisory Board

Our focus is to build long term partnerships based on transparency, common goals and an alignment of interests.  In line with the ethical values of our investors, our Shariah Supervisory Board (“SSB”) forms a key element of our governance structure.  Our SSB consists of:


Dr. Osama Al Derai

Dr. Essam Khalaf Enezi

Dr. Osama Al Derai

Member of the Shariah Supervisory Board

Dr. Al Dereai is a widely respected Shariah scholar from Qatar as well as Managing Director and CEO of Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations.

Dr. Al Dereai has extensive experience in teaching, consulting and research in the field of Islamic finance, having received received qualifications in the Science of Hadith Al Sharif from the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, his Masters degree from the International Islamic University (Malaysia) and his Doctorate in Islamic Transactions from the University of Malaya.

Dr Al Dereai also serves as a Shariah board member for various financial institutions which include First Leasing Company, Barwa Bank, First Investment Company and the Ghanim Al Saad Group, amongst others.

Dr. Essam Khalaf Enezi

Member of the Sharia Supervisory Board

Dr. Al-Enezi holds a master Degree from Kuwait University and a PhD in Fiqh from the University of Jordan.

Currently Dr. Al-Enezi is the Shariah Control Unit Manager in the Investment Dar Company and a lecturer at Kuwait University, Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies. Dr Al Enezi is also a member of various Shariah Advisory Committees in the Middle East, including Shariah Control Unit Manager at Investment Dar.

Dr. Al-Enezi has published a number of research articles in the field of Islamic finance in various academic journals.